Wolfman Jeff Trivia

Wednesdays @ 7:30 @ Willkommen

Sincere Earth greetings!

Our advanced collective has run infinite models through some of our most working superb-computers and we've determined this to be the absolute most perfect trivia night for anyone advanced enough to read this message. Congratulations!

If you think you qualify, please bring all cranial-accumulated knowledge (and friends) to Willkommen Wednesdays with Wolfman Jeff Trivia (night)™ Ltd.

On display will be some of the most speakable trivia queries this quadrant has ever seen.
Questions about:
Earth movies! Earth music! Earth history! Earth sports! Earth "science"! Earth pop culture!

All this while your completely human host regales you with mildly adequate jokes in order to avoid the space mines!

All participants are encouraged to indulge from the mighty Willkommen kitchen menu and plentiful Black Hammer beer selection in exchange for common Earth credits.

In addition to unimaginable glory and weekly bragging rights, prizes will be bestowed upon winning teams for all to envy.

So gather your best human intellectual companions for a night of terrestrial trivia competition every Wednesday, 7:30 at Willkommen
Earth coordinates: 2198 Market, at Sanchez

Two drink minimum.

Earth prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, and the winning team gets their name on Das Boot for bragging rights to their fellow humans.

End transmission...

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