544 Bryant Street

San Francisco, CA 94107
SoMa District
Located between 3rd & 4th Street

Phone: (628) 222-4664
Email: info@blackhammerbrewing.com


Monday Wednesday Thursday | 4PM - 10PM
Friday & Saturday | 12PM - 10PM
Sunday | 12PM - 8PM
Tuesday | Closed

Reservations via OpenTable

Fresh Craft Beer Delivery

Within 30 minutes in the SF/Bay Area: GrubHub

Within 1-2 days in California: Online Store

Grab 'n' Go

Grab some fresh craft beer on the go.
Available during business hours.

Hoppy Hours

WEEKDAY HALF-OFF LITERS: 4:00PM - 6:00PM every weekday that we are open
WEEKEND HALF-OFF LITERS: 12:00PM - 1:00PM on Saturday & Sunday

About Us

"We're deeply in love with what we do, and we hope that you will be too. Black Hammer Brewing crafts a diverse spectrum of ales and lagers using traditional techniques paired with modern innovations and scientific rigor. We have fourteen small fermenters in our artisan brewery - that's how we're able to experiment endlessly with new ideas, techniques, ingredients and flavors - so our beers change daily."


A gluten-removed (GR) beer uses wheat, barley, or rye to ferment and make the beer, which then undergoes a process to remove the gluten. This involves using enzymes to break down gluten into smaller fragments which would not induce an immune response in the person who drinks it.

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