Sparkle Hunt III

Welcome to Sparkle Hunt IV, Sparkle Hunters! 

We all slept in a bit this year, so we're a little late with the cans. There are more to come, so please keep checking back in - we'll let you know when they are all hidden:

The rules are easy:  

  1. Find the cans!
  2. Record your Find in one of two ways within 10 minutes of finding the can - (the time limit is to help out your fellow hunters):  

    i.  (preferred!) Post a photo of you and your can on instagram or Facebook and tag @blackhammerbrewing in your post 

    ii. Complete this jotform:

  3. Bring the can to Black Hammer Brewing at 544 Bryant St. to collect your prize.
  4. Celebrate your victory with a fresh glass of cold, delicious Sparkle Pony.

The liquid in the cans is glittered, carbonated sparkly water that is very pretty, but we don't recommend drinking it.

Let the hunt begin!