Sparkle Hunt SFBW 2022

Final Clue Update Complete 1:06PM
This page will be updated throughout the day or until all cans have been found.

Instructions for submitting found cans are on the website link on the bottom of the can.

Good luck!





If you are trying to see a game at this location, you might also be dropping a line.

Found by Caballo Blanco!



It's ok, you can play Stairway to Heaven here, just make it a duet near a Tuscan Villa.

Not Found


If you're hoping to see golden gate park from up high....then low....then high again, here's the ticket. Found by General Intelligence!


When it rains it pours, and when it pours it drains at the end of this presidential thoroughfare. Found by Thirsty Dawgs!


Sit back and relax for a minute, and take in this unique view of the bay and the underside of GGP.

Found by Anonymous!


Put your feet in the sand and enjoy the views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and let your worries drift away. But be on the lookout for naked people - they tend to congregate here. Found by West Portal Wizards!


Literally supporting the arts since 1915. Found by Len & Jen! (This was our favorite to hide, great pic!!!)


Find this can you will. Found by SF Homies!


Forgive this lake for being so foggy, and thank this King for fighting the Inquisition. Found by Go Heels!!! 


Climb up, enjoy the swing and occasional piano. Found by The Glitter Bombs! 


Hey Sarge, why does Eye of the Tiger play in my head whenever I'm jogging here? Not Found


The view from here is beautiful, but if you're stumped, maybe play some tennis?  Found but not yet reported.


Head to the southwest of the only location that rhymes with a feature of the female anatomy.  Found by GrodzkiPony!


If your commute to SF doesn't involve wheels, this may be the first thing you see when you arrive. Found by Colleagues for Life!


If you're lusting over Steph Curry, you might to plant yourself on a patio with a cold craft beer.  Found by the Glitter Bombs!


Be loud and proud of who you are, at the largest monument to this in the city. Found by The Glitter Bombs!


If you're looking for a pooch to cook you breakfast, you might head to the west side. Found by Booze Cruise


Recharge at this historical spot near the bluffs. Not Found


No Jack, that is MY pot pie! Found by SF Homies!