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Black Hammer Brewing began our craft beer journey with a dedicated focus on the science and precision of lager brewing, and over the years we have truly enjoyed expansion and diversification into the vast array of craft beer styles old and new.


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At Black Hammer Brewing we understand the importance of limiting gluten intake to those with gluten sensitivities, allergies, and celiac disease (co-founder Jim Furman was diagnosed with celiac in 2020).  However, we also understand that small-batch craft beer is delicious, and is a fundamental component of a happy and fortuitous life.  Because we want everyone to be able to enjoy our tasty brews, have happy and fortuitous lives, and not worry about gluten issues when choosing which beer to drink, in mid-2017 we implemented our BHB Gluten Elimination Program. 

We have implemented manufacturing and testing processes to ensure that gluten levels in our beers labeled “gluten-removed” contain less than 3 ppm gluten, which is well below the established FDA threshold of 20 ppm* used for labeling foods “gluten-free”.

Gluten is removed after fermentation using an industry-standard enzyme, Clarity-Ferm, which contains a highly specific endo-protease which only cleaves polypeptides at the carboxyl end of the amino acid proline, derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus niger. We have found that our process is effective for our wheat-free beers less than 8% ABV with zero effect on flavor, aroma or texture, so we apply it to all our brews falling within those limits.


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With the average 12 ounce IPA weighing at 200 calories and 20 or more grams of carbohydrates,


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Jim please provide information.


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California State Fair Beer Competition 2018

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Bronze Medal

Nectar of Life • Kölsch 

Denver International Beer Competition 2016

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Gold Medal

Sparkle Pony · Belgian Blond Ale

Bronze Medal

War Horse · International IPA
Playa Pilsen · American Light Lager

New York International Beer Competition 2016

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Awarded California Brewery of the Year

Silver Medal

Sparkle Pony • Belgian Blonde Ale
Hopportunistic • Pale Ale

Bronze Medal

Witless Zombie • Belgian Witbier
Playa Pilsen • Mexican-Style Lager
Nectar of Life • Kölsch

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