SFBW Events: Journey to the Bottom of the Beer - Multi-Brewery Zombie Beer Run

SFBW Events: Journey to the Bottom of the Beer - Multi-Brewery Zombie Beer Run

For the uninitiated, Journey to the End of the Night is a game of zombie tag on an epic scale, and this is the first craft brewery version. The journey begins at Black Hammer Brewing, where your admission fee covers the event and a beer at our brewery in SoMa.

Tickets include your first beer at BHB! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/journey-to-the-bottom-of-the-beer-2022-tickets-251627293007

You start as a "runner", and you will be given one blue ribbon to tie around your arm, and one red ribbon to place in your pocket. If a "chaser" with a red ribbon tags you anywhere *outside* of a San Francisco brewery, you must surrender your blue ribbon, and tie the red ribbon on your arm thus becoming a chaser yourself - this is when the real fun begins! There's nothing more thrilling than hunting down those overachieving chasers who evaded capture until YOU got them. Deceit and trickery are encouraged, but the ribbons must be clearly displayed at all times.

Visit as many breweries as you can and try to collect all the participating brewery stamps. Finish at Willkommen in the Castro before 10pm.

Bragging rights will be awarded for the most stamps collected and the most captured blue ribbons.

Quick rules:
• This list of rules will be updated at the start of the event.
• Anywhere inside in a brewery, parklet or sidewalk in-between a brewery and parklet is a safe zone, and you may not tag or be tagged while in a safe zone.
• Once a chaser, always a chaser - you cannot retie captured blue ribbons.
• Tagging means any contact, and all contact must be respectful. Ribbons do not need to be "seized".
• Please be safe, obey all traffic signals and avoid running through traffic.
• A list of participating breweries will be provided at the start of the event, but the safe zones apply to all San Francisco breweries.

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