NY Weekly Feature: BHB Brews Now Available Nationwide!

NY Weekly Feature: BHB Brews Now Available Nationwide!

The Magic Touch of Gluten Removal 

Listen up, brew crews! We've got an explosive story brewing over at Black Hammer Brewing Co. that's got craft beer fans and investors alike ready to pound their glasses on the bar.

Our mad scientist brewers have been cooking up something special - their proprietary Gluten Elimination Program that lets them craft "gluten-removed brews that maintain the same exceptional flavor and quality as traditional brews." Forget those sad, watered-down gluten-free options. Black Hammer is revolutionizing the game with their "magic touch" that removes gluten while keeping all the delicious beer integrity intact.

A Zany Lineup of Liquid Sorcery 

As one awestruck patron gushed, "Visiting Black Hammer Brewing Co. was like discovering a hidden gem in the heart of San Francisco." These kooky brew geniuses have created an all-star lineup of "zany" and "unique" beverages that'll make your taste buds throw a rager.

  • Kaleido - A "citrus symphony" West Coast IPA
  • Cuddle Puddle - Transported to a "lush island paradise" with this tropical Hazy IPA
  • Playa - The "smooth, easy-drinking" Mexican Lager is a "hammock for your taste buds"

But don't sleep on their flights of fancy seasonal and archive brews! From the Halloween-inspired Basic Witch Pumpkin Pie Sour to the nostalgic Breakfast of Champions Milk Stout brewed with cereal, Black Hammer is serving up pure whimsy in a glass.

Bringing the Magic Nationwide 

As if their brews alone weren't enough to get hopheads drooling, Black Hammer has been busy spreading their "magic touch" clear across the country through a monumental nationwide shipping expansion. That's right, thirsty fans from sea to shining sea can now get these gluten-removed goodies delivered straight to their doorsteps!

The Total Taproom Experience 

For those lucky ducks in the Bay Area, the brewhouse crew has two totally distinct taproom vibes on tap. The flagship SOMA spot is a "vibrant, eclectic, bohemian" joint that oozes neighborhood charm. While Willkommen, their German beer garden in the Castro, offers a cozy, gemütlich contrast.

An Investor Opportunity Brewing

Here's the real kicker that should get investors popping champagne corks: Black Hammer is giving us plebs a chance to get in on their "flavorful future" through an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine! You could be a stakeholder in this gluten-removed craft beer revolution that's "raising the bar in craft beer, one sip at a time."

So raise a glass to the mad brewers at Black Hammer - the ones who are smashing expectations and "bringing the love to beer connoisseurs across the country" through their relentless passion for inclusion and innovation. Prost to brewing up a bold new era of beer for all!

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