Brewing Success: Black Hammer Brewing Goes Nationwide!

Brewing Success: Black Hammer Brewing Goes Nationwide!

Our innovative gluten-removed beer has been a hit among craft beer enthusiasts, generating an impressive $1.7M in revenue in 2023 from beer sales. But we're just getting started: We're officially launching national distribution! Now, it's that much easier for beer enthusiasts across the U.S. to enjoy our exceptional gluten-removed brews! Customers can purchase our craft beers online with just a few clicks.


But what makes this expansion so crucial for investors? Let's break it down:

Scalability: National distribution opens up new avenues for scalability and growth. With the infrastructure in place to reach customers nationwide, we're positioned to scale our operations and meet the increasing demand for our products.

Let's talk about how Black Hammer Brewing stands out in the crowded beer market. While other breweries may focus solely on flavor and variety, we also prioritize inclusivity and wellness. By harnessing the power of enzymes to break down gliadin, the troublesome gluten molecule in beer, consumers can enjoy the rich taste of craft beer without the worry of bloat. Own a piece of our company today and be part of a brand that's redefining the beer industry one sip at a time! 


Add Black Hammer Brewing to Your Cart Today!

Make the switch from tap to portfolio and own a piece of our gluten-removed beer company today! The craft beer market is projected to soar to $52B by 2028, and the gluten-free product market is already at $6B; we're perfectly positioned to capture the best of both worlds!

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