Keg and Delivery FAQ


Q. Does BHB sell and deliver kegs to restaurants and bars?

A. Yes, we are always looking for partner restaurants and bars who are a good fit for our high-quality lagers and ales. Please contact Cody Laxo for questions, availability, and prices at


Q. Does BHB sell and deliver kegs to corporate offices or other unlicensed locations or events?

A. Yes! We love you!  We sell and deliver 5 gallon and 15.5 gallon kegs (sixtels) kegs to San Francisco-based businesses and events. Please contact Cody Laxo for questions, delivery range and keg availability at


Q. How much are kegs for offices,  home use or other unlicensed locations?

A. Our retail prices range from $95-130 for sixtels, and $180-260 for half barrels (subject to change, please contact us for current prices).


Q. Do you have beer taps to lend out?

A. Yes, we have hand-pump keg taps you can borrow for a reasonable deposit.


Q. How many servings are in a keg?

A. A sixtel, which holds 5.16 gallons, contains 41 pints of beer, and a half-barrel, which holds 15.5 gallons, contains 124 pints of beer.  The average beer drinker at a party pours about 3 pints of beer. So, a sixtel is good for 12 beer drinkers, and a half-barrel is good for about 36.  Obviously your mileage may vary - if it is a party of beer brewers, you'll want to triple that estimate.


Q. What's this barrel/bbl business all about?

A. Beer was traditionally stored and served using  wooden barrels, which in England were 36 gallons (Imperial barrels), and in the US, 31 gallons. Since 31 gallons of beer weighs approximately 260 pounds (not including the container), we have standardized on the half-barrel (15.5 gallons) since it's the largest container of beer a typical adult human can pick up at around 150 pounds, and the sixtel (5.16 gallons, 60ish pounds) as the more popular size with kegerators and smaller beer bars.